Brief Introduction to the Administrations of Salam University


1-     Office of the Chancellor  

This office is responsible for developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining academic strategic initiatives of the University.

2-     Vice Chancellor (Academic)

The academic vice chancellor’s office is responsible for providing leadership in academic affairs of the University.

This office strives to focus on high quality undergraduate and graduate programs and prepare competent graduates destined to shape the future of Afghanistan. Quality in education is central to achieve distinction and excellence in education.
For any academic-related question or suggestion, the office of Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs is accountable.

3-     Vice Chancellor (Admin)

The administrative service department of Salam University carries out the following tasks:

1-      Supervises clerical and administrative personnel.

2-      Sets goals and deadlines for its departments.

3-      Develops, manages and monitors the records.

4-      Recommends changes to policies or procedures in order to improve operations, such as changing what supplies are kept or how to improve recordkeeping.

5-      Monitors the facility to ensure that it remains safe, secure, and well maintained.

6-      Oversees the maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, and electrical and mechanical systems.

7-      Ensures that facilities meet environmental, health, and security standards and comply with government regulations.

8-      Plans, coordinates and directs a broad range of services that allow organizations to operate efficiently. An organization may have several managers who oversee activities that meet the needs of multiple departments.

9-      Makes sure that the organization has the supplies and services it needs.

4-      Student Affairs department

General Department of Student Affairs was established at the same time with the establishment of Salam University in 2009 in order to coordinate students’ related affairs. It is one of the most important departments of Salam University that has a direct relationship with students and provides services and supports for students and meets their educational needs.

This department strives to utilize the best management system to meet the needs of students and turn into one of the most hands-on departments at the level of domestic universities and be a good example for others by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Ø  Organizational structure of General Department of Student Affairs:

The General Department of Student Affairs carries out its duties and responsibilities through the following departments:

A-   Reception

B-     Students' affairs

C-     Examination Section

Ø  Reception Office:

One of the most important sections of General Department of Student Affairs is the “Reception Office” which has the status of the real gateway to Salam University to which students go as soon as they step into the University and ask for information. In addition to welcoming guests and students, the Reception section performs the following activities:

Department of Student Affairs

It carries out the following activities

1-     Leading and managing staff working under the Department in order to approach the planned goals.

2-      Planning policies related to the student affairs in order to implement the set criteria.

3-      Cooperating with the relevant departments in order to implement the preplanned and predicted goals.

4-     Controlling and supervising daily activities, registration and database of graduates to ensure quality performance.

5-      Regulating, supervising and directing the administrations working under the Department in the implementation of students' affairs according to the bills and regulations of the university.

6-      Printing certificates and diplomas for graduates and carefully supervising the process of distributing certificates, diplomas and transcripts of graduates in order to ensure and create an accurate and transparent system.

7-      Cooperating with the Department of Culture and Department of Public activities of the University in the field of holding public, cultural and social programs for students.

8-      Monitoring the process of distributing ID cards and introducing new students to the relevant faculties.

9-      Supervising re-enrollment, expulsion, study postponement and transfer from the University.

10-  Controlling the process of mid-term and final exams of students to ensure the transparency of exams.

11-  Providing the results of the entrance exam and the Roll numbers book of the students for each semester in order to send them to the Ministry of Higher Education.

12-  Preparing and arranging the personal information of the graduates and classifying it in the form of a book by specifying the faculties separately and sending it to the Ministry of Higher Education.

13-  Arranging all documents related to graduates in order to certify, implement and maintain them properly.

14-  Maintaining and filing the addressed letters, graduates' academic records in order to facilitate the next implementation.

15-  Answering the inquiries of the Ministry of Higher Education and other institutions regarding students.

16-  Arranging the affairs related to the entrance exams of spring and autumn semesters.

17-  Assisting students in the process of transferring to other universities and private higher education institutions.

18-  Implementing the transfer of students from one faculty to another.

19-  Reviewing students' petitions about their problems and complaints.

20-  Preparing shortlist of eligible candidates for the written and oral entrance exams and posting it on the notice board and website.

Ø  Examination Section  

One of the most important departments of General Department of Student Affairs is the Examination Section which is in charge of administering affairs related to exams of University students. In order to regulate University exam affairs properly, it has its own procedure according to which it regulates exam-related tasks.

4. Department of Public Activities

Salam University believes that students should be educated in a balanced way, and this is possible when we don’t pay attention only to academic activities inside the classroom but also plan and implement programs out of this framework to develop students' talents and capacities. Thus, Salam University has activated a special department to implement this plan. It always strives to think about the development of educational, cultural, social, health, recreational, sports and other various programs at the appropriate time. Undoubtedly, the development of such programs is very effective in the growth and advancement of scientific, social and spiritual aspects of students.

5-     Human Resource Department

This department is responsible for recruiting (hiring), screening, interviewing and placing workers, their job rotation and utilizing the current resources. They may also handle employee relations, benefits and career development trainings. Human resources department plans, directs and coordinates the administrative functions of an organization.

6-     Admission Office

This office is responsible for guiding the students through the whole admission process and eligibility criteria. It recruits and communicates with new students from a variety of venues.

7-     Office of secretariat

All the secretary duties and operations of presidential office are carried by this office.

8-     Students’ health services department

Health services department provide basic and emergency health services to the students.

9-     Purchasing Department

Purchasing department is responsible for all the necessary purchases within University.

10- Cultural, marketing, public relations and communication department  

As Marketing and cultural values plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of an organization, Salam University has a separate department of it. The job of this department is to reach out to prospects, customers, investors and/or the community and represent the University in a positive light. This office also offers assistance to print, broadcast and online media along with faculty and staff wishing to publicize information and events. Our staff can connect reporters with faculty experts, assist creating videos of the campus, and provide guidance, assistance to promote faculty and staff accomplishments and events.

11- Offices of coordinators

The primary role of a course coordinator is to maintain quality and consistency of instruction in a faculty. Faculty coordinators schedule regular meetings with faculty and provide resources to support teaching and learning in the courses they coordinate.

12- Office of the coordinator (Female campus)

This office carries out the same tasks as coordinator’s office in each faculty but it serves only female.

13- Office of quality assurance

The Office of Quality Assurance (QA) is responsible for ensuring the programmatic integrity of programs administered by the Department of Social Services Department and ensures the integrity and quality of administrative functions.

14- Department of IT

This department is responsible for hardware, software and networking of an organization. It ensures that all the departments and employees have access to network system, internet and other resources on the network in the university.

15- Transport Department

This department provides transportation facilities. All the issues related to transportation are carried out by this department. Only female students and university employees are facilitated for transportation.

16-  Finance Department

This office deals with all finance related issues. This office is responsible for fee collection and payment to the employees of the University.

17- Security Department

The security department in Salam University ensures the security of the university and its resources. All security related issues are dealt by this department.

18- Department of English Language.

This Department strives to provide people with quality education in the field of English Language. It runs two programs i.e. DEL and CEL in the morning and afternoon shifts for male and female students separately.

19- Department of Arabic Language.

This Department strives to provide people with quality education in the field of Arabic Language. It runs series of “AL Arabiya Baina Yadaik” in the morning and afternoon shifts for male and female students separately.

20- Office of ACCA

All the Associations of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) related issues are dealt in this department.     

21- Dean’s office of (Computer Science)  

22- Dean’s office of Sharia & Law   

23- Dean’s office of Political Science    

24- Dean’s office of Economics    

25- Dean’s office of Graduate Studies