Training and Job Opportunity Program


In order to ensure the maximum success of students in the field of internship, Student Success Center provides them with trainings in different departments of Sala University. The purpose of the internship program is to provide students with administrative skills and abilities in addition to specialization in their field of study.

This program has been designed for two types of students:

1- For those students who are not able to pay their fees, so instead of paying complete fee or a part of it, they work. Through this way, they obtain both internship experience and financial assistance to pay their fees.

2- For those students who want to gain internship experience and practical learning of administrative affairs. The Student Success Center also provides the ground for such internship enthusiasts considering the special conditions.      

How to join the internship program?

Eligible Students who are interested in internship program should submit their application forms to the Student Success Center. The Student Success Center contacts the departments and faculties that need the trainee and then submit the application to the esteemed Administrative Council of University about the appointment of the applicant as trainee.

Benefits of Participating in an Internship Program

 Participation in an internship program involves important benefits including the followings:

1.     Achieving learning opportunities, academic studies, career goals, and gaining valuable experience before graduation which is considered an essential element for any organization.

2.     Getting acquainted with many people in his / her workplace and this acquaintance and communication will have great impact on his / her job search process.

3.     Opening up many ways for inexperienced students to enter the workplace.

4.     Participating in the internship program gives the student personality and courage and has a special impact on his/her success.


Conditions for participating in the internship program


A trainee can take part in an Internship Program if…:

1-     The trainee student gets more than 75% in the semesters.

2-     His/her competence and eligibility is confirmed by the relevant faculty.

3-     The trainee fully observes rules and discipline.

4-      One of his professors or relatives guarantees him/her.