Introduction to the Department of Political science

The Department of Political Science is one of the most important departments of the Faculty of Law and Political Science which has been operating since the establishment of the Faculty and has got sufficient teaching facilities, some of which are mentioned below:

Most of the academic cadre members of the Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Law and Political Science hold master’s degrees from domestic and foreign international universities and have sufficient professional experience. The University always makes great efforts to improve the quality, quantity, standardization and systematization of the activities of the Faculty of Law and Political Science in order to introduce it as reliable, standard, honest, authentic and service-oriented educational body at the level of governmental and non-governmental educational institutions of the country by presenting quality and standard teaching activities. 


Objectives of the Department of Political Science:  

1-      Promoting the academic level of students and educating expert and committed cadres in the field of political science.

2-      Conducting academic and professional research in the fields of political science.

3-      Making the young generation Aware of important local, regional and global political events through seminars and conferences.

4-     Educating cadres who can take responsibility in political and legislative institutions.

5-     Educating specialists who address the political needs of the society and make suggestions to solve them.

6-     Presenting the graduates who can be the source of service in promoting the political culture.       

This department has sufficient eligible and experienced professors in all its segments, and if the number of new students increases, it will also increase number of professors.

Currently, the total number of professors in this department reaches (42). Four of them are permanent and the remaining (38) are full-time and part-time contract professors.

Furthermore, out of the above-mentioned professors, (29) are masters and (11) others are bachelors.


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Vision & Mission



The Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Law & Political Science educates and presents expert academic cadres to the community through teaching and research in the fields of Political Science so that they will have the competence to serve the people in this field properly.     


The Department of Political Science wants to draw students' attention to the political phenomena of the current era and guides them by using the modern and developing methods of teaching and research. In addition, it aims to prepare students to compete in the job market.

Strategic Plan
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Fee Structure
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