Department of Economics

The Department of Economics of Salam University was established in 2009. By having expert professors holing master degrees and experienced administrative staff, it is able to offer quality educational services with excellent facilities. The primary purpose of this department is to equip students with theoretical concepts of the field, communication skills and sufficient economic and business knowledge.

The study duration of the Department of Economics is consisted of four academic years (eight semesters). This Department consists of a standard curriculum which has 145 credits.

General Need for the Department of Economics

       Due to the growing importance of economics and solving Afghanistan's economic problems, such as economic development, eradicating unemployment and eliminating poverty and scarcity and effective use of natural resources, there is an urgent need to establish an Economics Department in order to focus on economic issues on the one hand and help the society develop physically and spiritually on the other hand.

Utilizing Economics for the purpose of preventing or correcting the economic problems of the society, requires training specialists who have the ability to apply it in the country's development programs in addition to learning economics theoretically. Therefore, teaching economics and its branches, especially general economics, economics and finance, Islamic economics, Islamic banking and finance to students has a particular importance.

Undoubtedly, economy is one of the vital aspects of life and economists have considered it as the backbone of governments and societies. Salam University has a plan to provide a ground for studying Islamic economics that includes various fields. In fact, with the establishment of this department, students will become familiar with the ways of dealing with economic issues and will be able to analyze the economic issues of the time in the light of Islam In addition to understanding economic issues.

In order to enhance the academic level and ability of the students of the mentioned department, several consultative meetings were held with groups of economists and experienced professors in this regard. During these various planning sessions, the teaching methods and curriculum were determined for the following four sections:

  1- General Economics 

Economics & 2- Finance

  3- Islamic Economics 

 Islamic Banking & 4- Finance

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Vision & Mission

Vision: To be a center of excellence in Afghanistan in imparting theoretical and applied knowledge of economics, conducting research on socio-economic problems at regional and national level and nurturing economists who are independent, kind & effective to the local & global society.


Mission: To prepare and maintain a challenging learning environment that fosters excellence in General Economics, Islamic Economics Banking & Finance and develops Economists through high quality teaching, research, case studies, innovative courses & Economics Programs.

Strategic Plan
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Fee Structure

Fee Structure for BE, and BBA

Description Amount Disocunt Payable Amount
Admission(Only Once) 5500AFN 0% 5500AFN
Semester Fee 30000AFN 40% 18000AFN
Total Degree Fee 240000AFN 40% 144000AFN