Community Development Program

The primary aim of all academic activities is the development of a society at different aspects of life. The Student Success Center strives to provide students with the opportunity to participate in the development of the society by launching various programs.

The importance of students' participation in social affairs

Participating in community development affairs helps students meet new friends and those who share common interests, goals and perspectives. In addition, taking part in social affairs can build up their thinking and self-confidence. Moreover, Students can have a deeper connection with the University and the people of the community, develop at different social, academic and cultural levels, improve their knowledge, experience, skills and connections, and use these relations for their own success.    

Salam University Student Success Center has developed a special policy to pursue this section.

The Kindness Fund

Also, the Student Success Center created “The Kindness Fund” in all the departments to provide financial cooperation to needy students and to contribute more to the development of the society. In fact, the purpose of establishing “The Kindness Fund” is to help those students who can’t afford their semester fees.  The center strives to encourage rich students to support their poor classmates and give them a helping hand.

The procedure of “The Kindness Fund” is that the Student Success Center identifies the poorest student in each class without keeping him/her informed, then encourages the other students in his/her absence to help him/her financially and pay the wanted fee in the way that poor never knows who paid his/her fee. 

This process enhances the level of brotherhood and sympathy among students and nurtures the level of high morals of students.