Chancellor Message

Chancellor's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome all honorable knowledge seekers to Salam University founded by dynamic intellectuals in 2009.  Salam University is committed to soundly educating the young generation of this beloved homeland (Afghanistan) in different fields and equipping them with the ornament of knowledge, Islamic and human values. In fact, It is a wonderful place for the students to study in a peaceful environment in the heart of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

It is believed virtuous to serve seekers of knowledge and empower every learner who chooses to enter our portals. Our main focus is on the creation of learner-centered environment that encourages the intellectual development and transformation of students into leaders, critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

After you’ve explored the website, we encourage you to visit the Campus of Salam University.  Please come to see and feel what tell us apart from other universities, and experience the exciting and innovative ways that our students are preparing for their future.


Dr. Misbahullah Abdul Baqi