Through different ways, we encourage students to do industrial and handicrafts activities and come up with innovations in all segments because we know that th main primary objective of all academic activities in educational institutions is the development of society, and it is possible through launching and accelerating the process of invention and initiative. The purpose of this program is to directly involve students in industrial and handicraft programs in order to boost the culture of innovation and support the process of domestic production.  

According to this policy, students who are interested in industrial and handicrafts are identified and then they take steps towards the innovation and production of first aid materials during practical training. By supporting this process, the University wants to provide employment opportunities for students on the one hand, and to increase domestic production on the other hand. We hope that the activities of this Center will result in the growth of the talents of capable, creative and entrepreneurial youth of our beloved country.

Perspective of This Section

Achieving a special position in the field of innovation by identifying and nurturing innovative and inventive students.

The most important services of this section:

Recognizing top students who have innovation ideas.

1.     Creating a special group of innovative students.

2.     Establishing a think tank for innovation and invention equipped with all technical tools.

3.     Providing the ground for visiting industrial centers.

4.     Launching training courses to make students familiar with the art of initiative and innovation.

5.     Recording and displaying the activities of the Initiative Group in the University Hall, as well as through holding exhibition, competitions and symposium.

6.     Introducing entrepreneurial students to relevant public and private centers.

7.     Encouraging and supporting students financially and spiritually who are engaged in exploration and innovation.

8.     Inviting the officials of industrial centers to provide advice to innovative students.