Student Affairs Introduction

General Department of Student Affairs was established at the same time with the establishment of Salam University in 2009 in order to coordinate students’ related affairs. It is one of the most important departments of Salam University that has a direct relationship with students and provides services and supports for students and meets their educational needs.

This department strives to utilize the best management system to meet the needs of students and turn into one of the most hands-on departments at the level of domestic universities and be a good example for others by the grace of Almighty Allah.

General Department of student affairs is accountable to utilize the method of using the maximum resources and minimum time in the field of solving students’ problems and performing administrative affairs related to the students' management in order to achieve the goals of University based on following the laws of Afghanistan, bills, procedures of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and the bills, procedures and internal regulations of Salam University.

In administrative structure of Salam University, the General Department of student Affairs operates under the supervision of the Academic vice- chancellor of Salam University and has the status of the first entrance gate for the students of Salam University.

The “Reception” is one of the most important sections of the General Department of Student Affairs through which university clients are guided and then introduced to the General Department of student affairs, other departments and faculties in order to submit their educational documents. Admission to Salam University, distribution of cards and student verification, graduation certification, distribution of diplomas, maintenance of documents belonging to all students at the University, collection of students' educational documents, collection and storage of information about the student's personality are the major responsibilities of this section.

Organizational structure of General Department of Student Affairs:

The General Department of Student Affairs carries out its duties and responsibilities through the following departments:

A-    Reception

B-     Student affairs

C-    Examination Section

 Duties of the Reception Section:

One of the most important sections of General Department of Student Affairs is the “Reception Section” which has the status of the real gateway to Salam University to which students go as soon as they step into the University and ask for information. In addition to welcoming guests and students, the Reception section performs the following activities:

1- Distributing registration forms for candidates.
2- Registering the personal information of undergraduate and graduate freshmen in the database.
3- Presenting detailed information about University, study programs, and short-term courses to the University clients, especially to the candidates for University study programs.
4- Distributing information booklets related to the educational programs of the faculties.
5- Cooperating with the Entrance Exam Committee in arranging the exam venues, distributing the questions and controlling the exam venues.
6- Directing the guests and clients of different departments of the University.
7- Maintaining the Book of Complaints and lodging the complaints of students and clients and delivering the complaints to the relevant authorities.
8- Publishing announcements related to the General Department of student Affairs.
9- Carrying out all other necessary activities which are submitted to it by the General Department of student affairs.

Duties of Database section of the Department of Student Affairs:

1- Creating an archive for keeping the educational records of undergraduate and graduate students.
2- Maintaining all academic documents and papers related to students in their respective files, such as (certificates, letters of appreciation, disciplinary warning letters).
3- Registering and keeping all the necessary information and documents about the students during the study, such as ( study postponement, transfer from University, transcripts, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, three-year grades, etc.)


Responsibilities of the Student Affairs Department: 

11.    Leading and managing staff working under the Department in order to approach the planned goals.

22.    Planning policies related to the student affairs in order to implement the set criteria.

33.   Cooperating with the relevant departments in order to implement the preplanned and projected goals.

44.  Controlling and supervising daily activities, registration and database of graduates to ensure quality performance.

55.  Regulating, supervising and directing the administrations working under the Department in the implementation of students' affairs according to the       bills and regulations of the university.

66. Printing certificates and diplomas for graduates and carefully supervising the process of distributing certificates, diplomas and transcripts of   graduates in order to ensure and create an accurate and transparent system.

77. Cooperating with the Department of Culture and Department of Public activities of the University in the field of holding public, cultural and social   programs for students.

88.  Monitoring the process of distributing ID cards and introducing new students to the relevant faculties.

99.  Supervising re-enrollment, termination, study postponement and transfer from the University.

110. Controlling the process of mid-term and final exams of students to ensure the transparency of exams.

111. Providing the results of the entrance exam and the Roll Numbers Book of the students for each semester in order to send them to the Ministry of     Higher Education.

112. Preparing and arranging the personal information of the graduates and classifying it in the form of a book by specifying the faculties separately and   sending it to the Ministry of Higher Education.

113. Arranging all documents related to graduates in order to certify, implement and maintain them properly.

114. Maintaining and filing the addressed letters, graduates' academic records in order to facilitate the next implementation.

115. Answering the inquiries of the Ministry of Higher Education and other institutions regarding students.

116. Arranging the affairs related to the entrance exams of spring and autumn semesters.

117. Assisting students in the process of transferring to other universities and private higher education institutions.

118. Implementing the transfer of students from one faculty to another.

119. Reviewing students' petitions about their problems and complaints.

220. Preparing shortlist of eligible candidates for the written and oral entrance exams and posting it on the notice board and website.


Examination Section 

One of the most important departments of General Department of Student Affairs is the Examination Section which is in charge of administering affairs relating to exams of University students. In order to regulate University exam affairs properly, it has its own procedure according to which it controls exam-related tasks. The important services that Examination Section provides for the students are as below:

1- Taking necessary measures to give the exams at the end of each semester, Such as arranging registration numbers, printing answer sheets, arranging attendance sheets of the exam hall, arranging result sheets and submitting to the coordinators of the faculties, reviewing and confirming the result sheets and announcing them to students in order to ease the process of correcting mistake made while delivering the marks to database.

2- Storing the results in the database, placing the result sheets and the attendance sheets of the exam scene in the relevant files in a good order and separate manner based on separating the stage, semester, time and gender of males and females.

3- Making arrangement for the second chance exam for those students who could not attend the first chance exam or obtain passing marks.

4- Creating reviewing committee in accordance with the bills of the Ministry of Higher Education and the exam procedure of Salam University in order to recheck the exam papers of the complainer students who are not satisfied with the grades given by the lecturer and request the relevant faculty to review their papers.

5- Announcing the general final results of the exams after the approval of the results committee of each faculty, reviewing the problems of the results and making sure of the review of the committees based on which the attendance of the next classes and all academic affairs of the next semester of students are arranged. And for those students who have been included in the exam without the roll numbers, their results will not appear in the final list.

6- Giving a Detailed Marks Certificate (DMC) to students at the end of each semester which is prepared by the coordinators of the faculties. This result sheet contains details on the figure of registered credits, passed subjects with the percentage of relevant semester grades (GPA) and percentage of all semesters (CGPA).

7- Preparing detailed results of all faculties for sending them to the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education within one month after the end of the semester exams.

8- Preparing the results and automatic recording of the graduates’ transcripts in national languages ​​and translating them into international languages based on necessity and the demand of the students.

9- Maintaining all the papers and documents belonging to the students’ exams, such as exam result sheets, the attendance sheets of the exam venue, the students' answer sheets in the office and in the depot. (However, keeping the students' answer sheets is exception to this article because according to the bills of the Ministry of Higher Education, it is impossible to keep thousands of answer booklets, so the answer booklets are destroyed, but Salam University Exam Section records the answer booklets softly so that any student can refer to it whenever he/she wants.