Career Service and Job Placement


Naturally, a student struggles and goes through many problems and challenges during university life. Sometimes, because of depression and economic crisis, t student deprives from continuing his education and gives up reaching his/her destination. Due to realizing this factor, The Student Success center of Salam University has provided the ground of success counseling for students. It helps students and graduates to achieve their career goals through special services and programs by launching training and development programs, and helps them follow the shortest right paths to achieve their dreams.

The Student Success Center has formed a special committee consisting of 8 members to provide student with advice. The members of the committee are as below:


Ø  Head of the Student Success Center as the in charge of the committee.

Ø  Head of Student Affairs.

Ø  Head of Quality Improvement. 

Ø  One professor from each faculty as a member.

Success and job counseling methods for students

   The members of the committee and the experienced staff of this section give suitable advice to those students who face problems in education, family and work.  Special sessions are held to provide successful advice. Students are told to contact the Student Success Center if they encounter any problems while studying.

    Practical trainings are provided for students and graduates who want to get a job, on how to find vacancies, how to prepare their CV and how to conduct an effective job interview in order to be hired sooner. Furthermore, it provides advice related to the field of study, writing skills and presenting seminars, and launches practical programs to prepare students for sustainable job promotion.

How to get advice?

Students who need consultation refer to the Student Success Center and raise their problems. Based on the nature of the problem, the Student Success Center contacts the expert professors of each field and invites them to the Student Success Center in order to give appropriate advice to the students.