Introduction to Urban Development Department

For urban and regional development, our country requires roughly 70,000 urban and regional development programs. In fact, if we want to approach the global development caravan, we must believe in the issue of urban planning and invest in it so that we can be like developed countries and make up for our backwardness by planning resources. Unfortunately, at present, the abilities of specialists in this field are ambiguous and not seen in the general culture of the society, and the architecture and urban planning engineers are not interested in this issue and don’t tend to it. Although engineers are on the verge of building, they do not intervene on a large range, namely, they do not study a city with all its social, human, economic, cultural and physical characteristics. Thus, they are not successful in planning or designing a city.  

A specialist of urban planning is a person who can work in the field of urban design or urban planning and be a factor in the development of the city. Urban planning knowledge analyzes all the social, economic, political and physical developments of a city and strives to organize the current relations in a city in the framework of coordinate system, and an urban planning expert is someone who offers a well-organized and effective plan for a city by studying the social, economic, political and cultural relations that govern the city. There are at least 6 main aspects in this field which are crucial for planning and designing a city.

Urban planning, which focuses primarily on land use, surveys how we allocate space and development of the city to activities, such as industrial, commercial and residential and many others. 

Transportation planning, economic and social planning are necessary for a city because there is not only the issue of the physical study of the city, but there are also the important issue of urban society and the people who live in this environment. In other words, comprehensive infrastructure network planning, such as water, electricity and telephone, etc. should be made for people of different social strata that have social, economic and cultural facilities, or for different ethnic groups living in different parts of a city.   

Environmental planning which examines environmental hazards, such as floods and earthquakes, plans to deal with these threats and studies the adverse effects that humans have on the environment.                            

Urban Planning deals with the three-dimensional design of a city and focuses on human relations with its physical environment. In fact, in urban design, human beings with all their physical, mental and spiritual characteristics are considered and its goal is to improve the quality of the city.

Students of this field should be interested and familiar with design and artistic concepts, such as the psychology of paints, technical concepts and technical principles of work like surveying and mapping, technical drawing, spatial geometry, modeling, mathematics, and human and social issues like sociology. In addition, they should know that they have to do a lot of research and practical work during their studies. Furthermore, the field of urban planning requires a lot of study and extensive practical work, so students should dedicate a lot of time to it. Also, they must have a high analytical capability and be adept at design.

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Salam Journal, Issue 11, Spring 2022

The topics of Salam Journal Issue 12, Fall 2022 It is our pleasure that this issue of Salam Academic Journal also covers a wide variety of contents, all of which are updates and discuss the issues according to the need of the time. The brief introduction of articles in this issue is as follows: The first research, titled “Islamic Jurisprudence as a Source of Law or as an Alternative for Law?" has been done by Dr. Misbahullah Abdul Baqi, Chancellor of Salam University. In this article, it has been discussed in detail that the existence of Islamic Jurisprudence does not dispense the country with the law because there are many issues that the laws should contain, which have not been discussed in jurisprudence, and there are some issues that have been discussed, but there are different opinions about, which either need to be preferred initially since the preference (Tarjih) has not been quoted, and there are some other rulings whose preference have been quoted but the basis of the preference has changed, which necessitates to rethink about the preference. Although the article is a little long, its importance convinced the Editorial Board to give permission to publish the complete article in the same issue. The second research, titled “The Way to Get Rid of the Acquired Unlawful Property” has been done by Dr. Najibullah Saleh, A professor of Nangarhar University. In this important research, it has been studied how to get rid of unlawful property if it comes in a person’s possession. This is an important issue that many people are facing with and need a proper opinion and ruling about it. The third research, titled “Reflection of Concepts of the Holy Quran in the Poems of Allama Iqbal Lahori” has been done by Dr. Abdul Sabboor Fakhri, A professor at the Faculty of Literature of Kabul University. He has studied a very important topic. He has tried to prove that most of the thoughts of Allama Iqbal are directly influenced by the Holy Quran. The fourth research, titled (Concept, Fundamentals and Principles of Criminal Politics) has been done by Pro. Mr. Abu Bakr Mudaqq, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs-Salam University. It is about an issue that every country immensely requires in order to combat crimes. In this article, he made it clear that there is a serious need for a number of principles to determine the procedure of fight against crime and criminal, and these principles are called Criminal Politics. This research answers a number questions, which are: what is the concept of 20 criminal politics? How was it created? What are its principles and fundamental topics? In general, this research is a brief introduction to a new science called "Criminal Politics". In the English section, we have only one research, titled (Increasing Engineers’ Role in Construction Safety: Opportunities and Barriers) which has been done by Mr. Ahmad Naveed Rabani He studied a very important topic which is the issue of a trained engineer’s role in construction safety and preventing incidents, which often occur in construction projects. He discussed its importance in details. The articles published in Salam Academic Journal reflect the views of the authors, but the pages of the Journal are always at the service of esteemed authors for the publication of sound criticism of the published articles. وسبحانک اللهم وبحمدک نشهد أن ال إله إال أنت نستغفرك ونتوب إليك.
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