Dr. Abdullah Sadiq
Dean Faculty of Economics

Introduction to the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is one of the most important and successful faculties of Salam University. It was established in 2009 within the framework of Salam University. Since then it has presented ten rounds of graduates to the community. By attracting hundreds of talented young people of the country, both boys and girls, the current number of its students reached 131 female and 251 male, and it strongly expects to increase the figure to 480 students in the coming semester.

This faculty consists of two departments (Business Administration) and (Department of Economics) and is run by 20 highly experienced professors who hold master's and Ph.D. degrees.   

Other characteristics of this faculty are having a well-equipped library and internet services with high speed and free for students to use. In addition, holding conferences, seminars, and creating typical markets for the sale of students' handicrafts and other products of the country in order to familiarize students with various ways of trade and commerce, is one of the approaches and initiatives of this faculty.

Objectives of the Faculty of Economics

Due to the impact of economy in our daily lives, realizing the need for the Faculty of economics is obvious and is undoubtedly an inseparable segment of the basic education. Studies of several universities of our country show that people in our society pay more attention to this faculty and there is no doubt that this field is one of the necessities of the society and is the key to boosting the standards of the people’s lives in the country. 

Many jobs and services, such as law, news writing, public policy, diplomacy, international transactions, environmental education, and comprehension and analysis of contemporary issues are increased by the study of economics.

Developments in the global economy and the movement of economy of Afghanistan towards advancement in the last decade, the development and increase of commercial markets and organizations besides the domination of the view of knowledge by playing the role of decision-making about economies have led to more importance of the Faculty of economics.  

General economics can provide a logical understanding of basic concepts, such as inflation, budget deficits and the effects of money. In fact, by gaining the basics of economic analysis, students will be able to figure out how to behave economically.

In economics, the developments of the economy at the global level (international trade), the macro economy of the country, the industry of the country and the agricultural industry and etc. are reviewed and all of them cover a small part of the wide range of economics.

Departments in Economics Faculty

Ø  Department of Economics

o   Degree awarded: Bachelor of Economics (BE)

Ø  Department of Business Administration

o   Degree awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Ø  Department of English Language

o Program awarded: BEL, CEL,  TOEFL ...

Class Timings:

    For males:

08:00 AM – 12:00 PM

05:00 PM – 8:30 PM

   For females:

07:30 AM – 11:30 AM

01:00 PM – 4:00 PM 




Academic Title:  Dean of Economics Faculty and Assistant Professor

Contact Information:  Abdullah.sadiq88@Salam.edu.af


-         PhD Scholar (Management Sciences)

Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology

-         MS Banking & Finance

Comsats University Islamabad

-         MBA (Finance)

Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology

-         BBA

Qurtuba University Of Science and Information Technology

Recent Publication:

-         Trends & Prospects of Afghanistan Economy (International Journal of Applied Research & Technology, 2020)

Service duration at Salam University:

-         Since October, 2011 till now

Professional Experience:

-         October, 2011 to April, 2016

o   Lecturer in Finance & Accounting

-         April,2016 till now

o   Dean of Faculty of Economics





Vision & Mission

Vision: To be in a leading position across the country in providing the dynamic and innovative high quality economic & business education and cultivating the most capable professionals who are independent, kind & effective to the local & global society.

Mission: To prepare and maintain a challenging learning environment that fosters excellence in economic & business research and develops economists & business professionals who are capable of solving problems in both domestic & global context through research & innovative programs.

Strategic Plan


The Faculty of Economics is one of the main faculties at Salam University. The Faculty aims to continuously strengthen its position as the leading institution in the field of economics and management sciences through its academic excellence. The academic excellence and physical development is strongly associated with careful planning and the high quality structure.

The aim of the faculty of economics is to equip the students with theoretical concepts, good communication skills and adequate economics and business knowledge. The faculty of economics offers under-graduate degrees in Economics and in Management Sciences. The graduates turn out to be well versed to opt for higher education or entry level managerial assignments. The graduates of the Economics Faculty are well placed in leading organizations in Afghanistan and abroad. Faculty of Economics has two departments; Management Sciences Department & Economics and Finance Department.

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Department of economics

The Department of Economics of Salam University was established in 2009. By having expert professors holing master degrees and experienced administrative staff, it is able to offer quality educational services with excellent facilities. The primary purpose of this department is to equip students with theoretical concepts of the field, communication skills and sufficient economic and business knowledge.

The study duration of the Department of Economics is consisted of four academic years (eight semesters). This Department consists of a standard curriculum which has 145 credits.

General Need for the Department of Economics

       Due to the growing importance of economics and solving Afghanistan's economic problems, such as economic development, eradicating unemployment and eliminating poverty and scarcity and effective use of natural resources, there is an urgent need to establish an Economics Department in order to focus on economic issues on the one hand and help the society develop physically and spiritually on the other hand.

Utilizing Economics for the purpose of preventing or correcting the economic problems of the society, requires training specialists who have the ability to apply it in the country's development programs in addition to learning economics theoretically. Therefore, teaching economics and its branches, especially general economics, economics and finance, Islamic economics, Islamic banking and finance to students has a particular importance.

Undoubtedly, economy is one of the vital aspects of life and economists have considered it as the backbone of governments and societies. Salam University has a plan to provide a ground for studying Islamic economics that includes various fields. In fact, with the establishment of this department, students will become familiar with the ways of dealing with economic issues and will be able to analyze the economic issues of the time in the light of Islam In addition to understanding economic issues.

In order to enhance the academic level and ability of the students of the mentioned department, several consultative meetings were held with groups of economists and experienced professors in this regard. During these various planning sessions, the teaching methods and curriculum were determined for the following four sections:

  1- General Economics 

Economics & 2- Finance

  3- Islamic Economics 

 Islamic Banking & 4- Finance


Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration is one of the most basic departments of the Faculty of Economics at Salam University. The purpose of this department is to graduate specialists in accordance with the basic needs of the market and business.

The Business Administration (BBA) program prepares students for executive and leadership activities in business and other organizations and companies. In this program, students obtain essential and basic training and get acquainted with the latest management and conventional leadership techniques in the world.    

Although graduates of this field can look for suitable jobs after obtaining a bachelor degree in Business Administration (BBA), they must also strive to further their studies to the master and Ph.D. degrees.  

Expected Consequences of the Bachelor of Business Administration program

     Students of the Department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Economics will acquire the following skills after graduating and completing the selected curriculum:

1- Ability to acquire managerial abilities, critical thinking capacity, communication and problem solving skills, and commitment to legal and moral principles and values.

2- Ability to get ready for various jobs and professions in various fields and organizations equipped with modern technology.

3- Ability to identify, analyze, recommend and take appropriate action in accordance with world trade developments and its effects on the current situation of industry and trade in the country.

5- Ability to understand multicultural business environments, protocols, ethics and required       managerial techniques with global content.   

6- Ability to use critical thinking skills, conflict resolution, teamwork, leadership and multi-cultural relationship in written and spoken manner.

7- Ability to understand and comprehend complex issues through language and pen.

8- Ability to use critical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems and make correct decisions.

9- Ability to apply general and ethical concepts and standards in dealing with shareholders and economic entrepreneurs.  

10- Ability to understand the importance of a culture of diversity and the interaction of different elements of life.

11- Ability to Analyze, evaluate and develop effective leadership skills in the community.


Program Details 


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Contact Details:

Mob: +93(0)788 275 275

Email: admission@salam.edu.af

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