Software Engineer Department

The Software Engineering Department has been operating for ten years. The curriculum of this department has 143 credits, 17 to 21 credits of which are taught in each semester. In addition, the Software Engineering Department consists of an Academic Council which works directly under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty and the Head of the Department to update the contents of the curriculum, boost the level of teaching, resolve the students’ problems and make fundamental decisions about the faculty. Moreover, it has the authority to change the contents of the curriculum, add new necessary topics to it and eliminate unnecessary ones

Vision & Mission
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Admission Requirements

You will need to bring the following while coming for admissions:

1. 4 photos with white background 

2. Color photocopy of your NIC (Tazkira) 

3. Color photocopy of your 12th grade certificate (Bachelor Degree Programs) or Diploma (Master Degree Programs)

4. 5500 AFN (Bachelor Degree Programs) or 600 AFN (Master Degree Programs)

Program Outcome

1.     Strong problem solving skills grounded in a strong technical background in computer science,

2.     A broad educational background that enables making interdisciplinary connections and provides a solid foundation for life-long learning.

3.     Troubleshooting and resolving of computers, routers and switches and presenting appropriate solutions for security problems in network systems of organizations.

4.     Making familiar to new technological methods to develop new software applications and electronic service delivery systems.

5.     An awareness and understanding of the professional, technical and ethical issues of the rapidly evolving computing industry and the judgment to apply this understanding, so that they may become leaders and provide a contribution to the greater good, professionally and in their community, via mentoring, or professional involvement.

6.     Demonstrate proficiency in problem-solving techniques using computer

7.     Demonstrate comprehension of modern software engineering principles and proficiency in the analysis of complex problems and the synthesis of solutions to those problems

8.     Demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in the discipline of computer science

9.     Think critically and creatively to solve local or global problems and become lifelong learners and contributors to society.

Scholarships & Fee Structure

  Fee Structure for BCS, BSE and BIT

Description Amount Partial Scholarship Payable Amount
Admission(Only Once) 5500AFN 0% 5500AFN
Semester Fee 30000AFN 40% 18000AFN
Total Degree Fee 240000AFN 40% 144000AFN