Brief introduction to Department of Arabic Language

The Department of Arabic Language within the framework of the Faculty of Sharia and Law is an Inclusive University Department. Expert professors at the level of the Faculty of Sharia & Law and Political Science & Law regulates it and teach various subjects, such as Morphology, syntax, Rhetoric and Arabic conversation.

This Department has (3) permanent and (7) experienced contract professors who are familiar with modern technology.

Teaching Arabic Language includes all the basic parts of language learning, such as getting acquainted with Arabic Grammar theoretically and practically, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Importance and General Objectives of Arabic Language

1 -  paying attention to Arabic Language is considered  compulsory and necessary since it is the language of Shari'a and the religion of Islam. 

2- Familiarizing students with Arabic texts in order to result in the growth and development of their capacities and talents.

3-Knowing a language is an efficient way to approach goals. Thus, the Arabic Language is a means by which the students of Islamic studies achieve their goals as soon as possible.

4- getting acquainted with the Arab world by learning and teaching  Arabic as it is one of the most spoken and famous languages of the world.

5- Having familiarity with Arabic Language will lead to the growth and development of a society and people.


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