The Minister of Higher Education visited Salam University

The Minister of Higher Education revisited Salam University on the 12th of December, 1402 AH. Sheikh Al-Qur'an and Hadith Maulvi Nada Mohammad Nadim, the esteemed Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education of the nation, toured the facilities of Salam Kabul University, including its offices, laboratories, library, and campus grounds. During the visit, discussions were held regarding the close relationship between higher education institutions and the Islamic Emirate, the promotion of academic discourse and applied scientific research in alignment with societal norms, and the development of educational programs tailored to meet the needs of the community. The Minister underscored the significance of educational institutions in the country.

Acknowledging the unique standing of Salam University, it was lauded for its contributions, with an assurance that all higher education institutions under the ministry are equally valued. Specific recommendations and directives were provided for the advancement and progress of Salam University, with an assurance that the university administration would diligently work towards implementing the suggestions from the higher authorities.

Concluding the visit, the esteemed leadership of Salam University expressed their appreciation for the visit by the Minister of Higher Education, Sheikh Al-Qur'an, and Hadith Nada Mohammad Nadim. They regarded such visionary engagements as pivotal for the enhancement and refinement of the higher education landscape in the nation.