Dawah and Guidance Gathering

On the 11th December, 2023, an representative of the Ministry of Higher Education, specifically the Department of Da'wah and Guidance, delivered an address to Salam University's staff members alongside a selection of students. During this gathering, Mr. Maulvi Hazrat Muhammad Haqqani, serving as the representative of the Da'wah and Guidance Department within the Ministry of Higher Education, imparted insights to attendees concerning the significance of knowledge, the fundamental tenets of Da'wah, fostering compassion, and cultivating positive interpersonal conduct within societal realms.

Moreover, he commended Salam University for its administrative efficacy and disciplined atmosphere, expressing gratitude for their role in nurturing the nation's youth within a framework grounded in patriotism and Islamic values. The session concluded with a benediction offered by Mr. Haqqani.