Judiciary and Prosecution Department

The bachelor's degree program of Law Department is the first law degree course in the system of higher education. The aim of this department is to educate and train experts at national and international level in the field of judiciary based on the Afghan legal system and international legal standards in order to meet the legal needs of society, legal institutions and the judicial and the private sectors.

Vision & Mission


The Department of Law of Faculty of Law & Political Science, educates and presents expert academic cadres to the community through teaching and research in the fields of judiciary and prosecution so that they can serve the people in this field properly.  


The Department of Law wants to draw students' attention to the judicial phenomena of the current era and guides them by using the modern and developing methods of teaching and research. In addition, it aims to prepare students to compete in the job market.

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Admission Requirements

You will need to bring the following while coming for admissions:

1. 4 photos with white background 

2. Color photocopy of your NIC (Tazkira) 

3. Color photocopy of your 12th grade certificate (Bachelor Degree Programs) or Diploma (Master Degree Programs)

4. 5500 AFN (Bachelor Degree Programs) or 600 AFN (Master Degree Programs)

Program Outcome

Expected capabilities from the graduates of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences:

1.     Familiarity with judicial skills, behavior and judicial precedent.  

2.      Familiarity with the rules related to lawsuit, defense and how to file lawsuit against someone.  

3.      The ability to act as a defense lawyer in civil, commercial, criminal and administrative cases.

4.      The ability to perform duties as judges in official courts of the country and international courts.

5.      The ability to perform jobs as prosecutors in the country's prosecutor's office.

6.      The ability to provide legal advice to various governmental and non-governmental departments.

7.     The ability to teach the subjects of this field in the educational institutions of the country.

8.      The ability to carry out scientific research and required research in judicial affairs, prosecutor's office and other relevant fields.

9.      The ability to perform duties in political and diplomatic departments of the country.

10.  The ability to analyze political issues in the national and international areas.  

11.  The ability to perform duties in international organizations and institutions.

12.  The ability to work in mass media.

13.  The ability to carry out scientific research in the fields of international relations and political issues of the country.

14.  The ability to manage public and private offices.

15.  Gaining a strong sense of Islam and patriotism.

16.  Obtaining professional excellence in the field of study.

17.  Acquiring a self-reliant scientific personality.

Scholarships & Fee Structure

 Fee Structure for Law program

Description Amount Discount Payable Amount
Admission(Only Once) 5500AFN 0% 5500AFN
Semester Fee 27000AFN 50% 13500AFN
Total Degree Fee 216000AFN 50% 108000AFN