Faculty of Computer Science was established in 2011 and it has been engaged in promoting education and research in the fast growing field of software technology to produce computer science specialists and meet the global challenges.  CS Faculty is the youngest, but the most dynamic faculty in SALAM. Offering state of the art education in the most advanced fields of the world, it has grown exponentially since its establishment.

Computer Science Faulty offers three different degree programs which are fully credit based. Students are required to complete at least 143 credits in order to obtain any of the offer Bachelor degrees.

The present era belongs to Computer Science. We are well aware of the rapid developments in this ever advancing field. We ensure and facilitate our students to get best education in this field. Good and energetic faculty is the corner stone of our program. CS curriculum has been designed as per the national and international needs of the time and it is regularly updated according to needs of modern technology and on the lines of Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan. After completion of this degree, students will be able to tackle the challenges of the very exciting and fast growing field in 21st century with full confidence.

Students of this program will help to strengthen research projects in core computer science areas and bring new ideas for establishing independent businesses that shall contribute towards the economy of the country.

Existing Career areas

Web Programming

Web Designing

Desktop Application Development

Artificial Intelligence

Database Development

Database Security Analysis

System Administration

Network Engineering

Network maintenance Analysis

Network Security Specialization.


Objectives of Computer Science Faculty


The Faculty of Computer Science has the following objectives:


1-     Determining Specific sections for doing research.

2-     Hiring new professional lecturers in new subjects.

3-     Enhancing the relationship with the University administration to explain the goals and aspirations of the Faculty.

4-     Making more efforts to engage students in research projects related to their specialty and field of study.

5-     Strengthening academic relations with domestic and foreign companies and institutions to support students for internships and provide them with job opportunities.

6-     Reviewing the curriculum of various academic programs of the faculty, omitting topics that have lost their effectiveness, and adding topics that the job market requires.

7-     Making efforts to provide students with more scholarships.

8-     Presenting the most eligible and qualified computer engineers to the community.

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Vision & Mission
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Admission Requirements

You will need to bring the following while coming for admissions:

1. 4 photos with white background 

2. Color photocopy of your NIC (Tazkira) 

3. Color photocopy of your 12th grade certificate (Bachelor Degree Programs) or Diploma (Master Degree Programs)

4. 5500 AFN (Bachelor Degree Programs) or 600 AFN (Master Degree Programs)

Program Outcome
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Scholarships & Fee Structure

  Fee Structure for BCS, BSE and BIT

Description Amount Disocunt Payable Amount
Admission(Only Once) 5500AFN 0% 5500AFN
Semester Fee 30000AFN 40% 18000AFN
Total Degree Fee 240000AFN 40% 144000AFN