Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering Department (Construction) is the first department that was established in 2009 as one of the major branches of the Engineering Faculty, and then it was considered the second faculty at the level of higher education institutions. In fact, it is a general department and the subjects of different major branches of engineering can be found in its curriculum. Currently, the subjects of three fields are taught in this Department:

 1- Civil Engineering

 2- Transportation Engineering

 3- Environmental Engineering

Teaching Facilities of Civil Department

In order to standardize and ensure the quality of education, Salam University has provided all the necessary facilities for the development and promotion of this department which are mentioned as below:

Academic Cadres

   The majority of the Faculty Academic cadre members of the Civil Department of the Engineering Faculty have higher education degrees at the level of master and Ph.D. degrees from foreign international universities and have sufficient experience and expertise. In addition, the University always strives to improve the quality, quantity and systematization of Civil Department programs so that the University can introduce it as the most reliable, quality, standard, honest and service-oriented educational body in the country.

Currently, the total number of professional professors in the Civil Department of the Faculty of Engineering is (27). Ten of them are full-time professors and (17) others are part-time professors.

Also, there are (5) professors for teaching Islamic culture and (2) others for teaching Vocational English Language, so the total number of professional and non-professional professors hits 34 ones.

The total number of permanent and contract professors based on category of degrees and the category percentage is as below.

    Number                      Percentage

Ph.D.: 4                           11.11 %               

Masters: 12                    58.33%            

Bachelors: 11                 30.55%             

Total: 36                       100%               

Expected Results and Skills from the Students

  Graduates of Civil Department are expected to gain the following abilities:

 1- Ability to design building structures.

2- Ability to design hydraulic buildings.

 3- Ability to design roads.

 4- Ability to design water supply and drainage systems

 5- Ability to implement, manage and lead any type of construction project.

 6- Ability to control the quality of construction work.


 7- Ability to check and test various construction materials.

Eligibility Criteria:     

Must be graduated from 12th grade (High School)

Should have NIC or Passport

Appearing and passing the Entry Test (Kankoor Exam)

Should have a fair knowledge of English language. 


 Program Details

No Course Category Number of Subjects  Credit Hours  Percentage
1 Core subjects  26 85 51.52%
2 Practical & Research  3 8 4.85%
3 Basic subjects  13 46 27.88%
4 University criteria  13 26 15.75%
  Total 55 165 100%
Vision & Mission


  The Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering as an academic and specialized department, wants to utilize its available facilities to educate committed and specialized engineers in order to meet the needs of community in the field of planning and implementing standard construction projects.  


In order to acquire its vision, the Civil Department is strongly determined to educate Engineers, academic and committed cadres in the field of construction projects, conducting academic and professional research and providing advice.

Admission Requirements

You will need to bring the following while coming for admissions:

1. 4 photos with white background 

2. Color photocopy of your NIC (Tazkira) 

3. Color photocopy of your 12th grade certificate (Bachelor Degree Programs) or Diploma (Master Degree Programs)

4. 5500 AFN (Bachelor Degree Programs) or 600 AFN (Master Degree Programs)

Program Outcome
body of tab Program Outcome
Scholarships & Fee Structure

Fee structure of Civil Engineering 




Payable Amount

Admission (Only Once)

5500 AFN


5500 AFN

Semester Fee

35000 AFN


17500 AFN

Total Degree Fee

280000 AFN


140000 AFN