Introduction to the Master Program of Interpretation and Hadith

The master's program in the field of Interpretation of the Holy Quran and Hadith is a multidimensional educational system and has been  designed in such a way that it paves the way for higher education above the bachelor's degree for those male and female students who want to specialize in the field of Interpretation and Hadith. It has been designed to include all aspects of this specialty so that the graduates of this program will acquire the knowledge and skills that meet the problems in the fields of interpretation of religious texts, requirements for invitation to Islam and intellectual fulfillments.

Furthermore, the program develops critical thinking of interpretive views on Islamic texts, and enhances students' research talent.

Vision & Mission


The master's program in the field of Interpretation and Hadith is committed to provide experts to the community by implementing the set goals and plans. It strives to educate experts who will be able to analyze and research issues and prepare academic cadres in the relevant fields so that they will develop proper understanding of the two main sources of Islamic law and have an effective role in the true leadership and guidance of society.


The mission of the Master’s Program of Interpretation and Hadith is to increase the level of knowledge of Afghan youths in the field of interpretation and explanation of the first and second sources of Islamic law in order to boost the accurate understanding of Islam in all aspects and present professional individuals to the community who will have a significant role in participating in analytical and research projects.

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Admission Requirements

You will need to bring the following while coming for admissions:

1. 4 photos with white background 

2. Color photocopy of your NIC (Tazkira) 

3. Color photocopy of your 12th grade certificate (Bachelor Degree Programs) or Diploma (Master Degree Programs)

4. 5500 AFN (Bachelor Degree Programs) or 600 AFN (Master Degree Programs)

Program Outcome

These program outcomes aim to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of Hadith and Tafseer, as well as to prepare them to apply Islamic principles and values in their professional and personal lives in Afghanistan.

1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles, methodologies, and terminologies of Hadith and Tafseer. 
2. Analyze and critically evaluate Hadith and Tafseer texts and their different interpretations. 
3. Apply the principles of Hadith and Tafseer to contemporary issues in the Muslim world.
4. Demonstrate competence in conducting independent research and producing scholarly papers on Hadith and Tafseer.
5. Critically evaluate the authenticity and reliability of Hadith narrations and analyze their relevance to contemporary issues.
6. Demonstrate proficiency in the Arabic language to understand and analyze Hadith and Tafseer texts.
7. Develop and practice ethical and moral values based on Islamic tradition and the teachings of Hadith and Tafseer.
8. Analyze and evaluate Hadith and Tafseer as an integral part of Islamic jurisprudence and its applications in Afghan society.

Scholarships & Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Master in Sharia (Feqah and Law)




Payable Amount

Admission(Only Once)

10000 AFN


10000 AFN

Semester Fee

45000 AFN


18000 AFN