Faculty of Economics

Salam University

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economic is one of the main Faculties at the Salam University. The Faculty aims to continuously strengthen its position as the leading institution in the fields of economics and management sciences through its academic excellence. At the same time the Faculty remains committed to delivering competent, creative, responsible and productive cadres.

The aim of the faculty of economics is to equip the students with theoretical concepts, good communication skills and adequate economic and business knowledge.

The Faculty of Economics offers under-graduate degrees in Economics and in Management

Sciences. The graduates turn out to be well versed to opt for higher education or entry level managerial assignments. The graduates of the Economics faculty are well placed in leading organizations in Afghanistan and abroad.

Management Sciences (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a four year degree program that offers the fundamental concepts required in today's business world. The program is tailored around the basic areas of business, management, economics, marketing, accounting, and finance. It trains students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the global business environment. Furthermore, the students will be guided by high ethical standards to operate in the local business environment.

A distinctive feature of the management sciences program is to incorporate within the curriculum major an emphasis on the development of students' fundamental learning skills; for example: reasoning and quantitative abilities; as well as communication and computing skills which they will need for responsible leadership roles in their careers.

Core Values of the Department

The core values of the department are the guidelines that determine the right from wrong in the process of fulfilling department objectives and goals, some essential core values of the department are:

o   Professionalism & Integrity

o   Openness & Transparency

o   Creativity & Innovativeness

o   Academic Freedom & Enquiry

o   Service to Society

o   Faithfulness

o   Commitment

o   Ethical Values

o   Moral Standards

o   Social Responsibility

Departmental Strength :

Management sciences departmental strengths are concentrated in the following areas:

·         National / International Faculty members

·         Well Equipped classes

·         Free student Wi-Fi access

·         Books library

·         Free digital library access

·         Talent management services

·         Student counseling services

·         Student DBA facilities

·         Student grievance handling services

·         Organizational replacement services

·       Study Tours

·       Open lectures/Seminars

Academic System

The four years full time program adopts a Semester system (at the same time it is a credit system also) comprising of two semesters (Spring and Fall) in an academic year. The Spring semester is held during Hamal to Asad, while the Fall Semester is from Sumbola to Jadi with sixteen weeks of classes in each semester, furthermore there are two to three weeks for final exams. The course structure includes Core Management subjects along with Functional electives in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Economics, with total credit hours in four years 146. The program follows a combination of Progressive and End Semester Evaluation of student performance.

Program Learning Outcome

Graduates of the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics at Salam University will be equipped with the following qualifications and skills:

·       Conceptualize a complex issue into a coherent persuasive written or oral statement.

·       Use critical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems and make sound decisions.

·       Apply general concept of ethical behavior in dealing with stakeholders.

·       Understand the importance of group dynamics in achieving organizational goals and use the skills needed for effective teamwork.

·       Understand the importance of culture and diversity.

·       Use information technology skills in decision making.

·       Analyze, evaluate and develop effective leadership skills in variety of settings.

Career opportunities for BBA Graduates

Graduates of business administration department (BBA) may work as management professionals in many sectors. It is noticed that in any hierarchy and structure, the management professionals are the ones who oversee the functioning of the whole industry or organization. For any organization or industry to function smoothly, management professionals are required. Some career paths are:

·       Finance Management.

·       HR Management.

·       Operational Management.

·       Marketing and sales operations.

·       Accounting and Auditing.

·       Banking.

تخفیف ویژه برای سمستر بهاری ۱۳۹۶

فیس اصلی

فیصدی تخفیف

قابل پرداخت


35 فیصد


امتحان کانکور : 10 حمل 1396

آدرس : چهار راهی گل سرخ ، کلوله پشته ، کابل – افغانستان

تماس : 0778150150 - 0788275275



Admission Requirements

  •         12- years of formal education.
  •         Testimonial (Verified Documents).
  •         Passing University entry test (Kankor).

Degree Program Structure

Specializations Offered:

o   Marketing

o   Finance

o   Management

Curriculum Overview:

·       Fundamental Courses

·       Core Courses

·       General Education Courses

·       Electives

·       Internship

·       Research Project (Monograph)

Degree Program Shift Schedule:

*       Morning Shift  (Male/Female)

*       Noon Shift  (Male/Female)


o   Separate classes for males and females

o   Digital and physical library.

o   Free student Wi-Fi access

o   Transportation (for females)

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