Computer Science

Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science has been engaged in promoting education and research in the fast growing field of software technology to produce computer science specialists to meet the global challenges. The department is also involved in planning the university's e-governance and IT infrastructure establishments and providing academic and industrial exposure through specialist lectures. Classes for soft skills development are being conducted for overall development of the students. Different projects are developed by BCS students to learn latest software technologies; BCS faculty has fully equipped computer labs. 

The BCS and BIT are programs offered by Salam University. The aim of the degree is twofold: firstly to create well-rounded computer scientists who will fulfill the demand for computer science researchers and software developers in Afghanistan and secondly to nurture entrepreneurship among the young computer scientists to promote innovation at a national level. The emphasis of entrepreneurship in the program will hopefully give birth to new developments in the field of computing. The students of this program will help in strengthening research projects in core computer science areas and bring new ideas for establishing independent businesses that shall contribute towards the economy of the country. The CS program will contain mandatory courses in the areas of artificial intelligence, compiler construction, theory of automata and formal languages, web programming, desktop applications, scientific computing and analysis of algorithms. In addition, the CS program will contain courses like Introduction to Management, Strategic Marketing and New Business Ventures to encourage entrepreneurship in the students.

Academic System of BCS

The Bachelor of Computer Science combines a solid core of computer science courses; we are living in the era of information revolution. In fact there are revolutions that are taking place around us, like space revolution and now the more challenging information revolution. Our basic aim was to design a systematic, well structured, and consistent syllabus for BS four year programs.  The New Syllabus covers all aspects necessary for students for better understandability of the Computer System. In other words this Syllabus accommodates various Computer professional fields such as Networking, Database, Programming and Software Engineering fields in a smooth way.

Overview of Subjects

General Subjects

28 Credit Hours

Basic Subjects

27 Credit Hours

Elective Subjects

10 Credit Hours

Core Subjects

72 Credit Hours

Total Subjects

137 Credit Hours