Faculty of Computer Science

Computer Science Faculty of Salam University has two dedicated departments namely department of Computer Science and department of Information and Technology. The purpose of this faculty is to provide solid foundation to prepare students meet the challenges in the most emerging fields of Computer Science such as Networking, Programming, Databases, and Software Engineering etc. Computer Science has 25 faculty members (National/ International) having master degrees along with professional experience in various fields of computer science.

The computer science bachelors program specializes in providing expert classroom trainings.  The faculty members have developed a comprehensive syllabus to help to prepare IT Professional, mastering their skills needed for successful delivery in the future development of Afghanistan.

The lectures/presentation/seminars delivered by professional lecturers at Computer Science Faculty will help to provide practical real-world experience. Students are tested and given a practical exercise in order to polish their skills and enrich their knowledge.  The BCS/BIT degree programs are designed to give latest, globally competitive skill to students.

The faculty of Computer Science has following two departments:

  1. Department of Computer Science
  2. Department of Information Technology

The objectives of faculty:

  • The curriculum in Information Technology has always had a theoretical and mathematical orientation; yet, some have felt there was a need for a curriculum with greater focus on the application of information technologies. Therefore, in this curriculum Salam University has focused on core theoretical as well as some software tools that are used to compete in current modern world.
  • In last few years, small but growing numbers of universities are developing computing curricula that are alternatives to the traditional Information Technology curriculum throughout the world. Often, these alternatives have an emphasis on the use of the technologies that underlie the World Wide Web, Networks, Databases, Website Design and Development, Software Designs and Development, Human computer interactions.
  • To devise a syllabus according to the mode trends in Information Technology and its different fields for designing software and websites for real world application that can enhance the quality of life of people in the society. Hence, students will become beneficial in society after their education.
  • To enable students to understand the mathematics and science behind computing    machines and networks.
  • To impart Islamic values and ethics in software application design.
  • To asses and apply suitable technology such as networking technology to build information systems and infrastructure in a specific domain.
  • To promote collaboration for the management of information systems, source of information, information strategy and end user requirement.
  • Design the Courses which increase the interests of the students in their studies. Remove any burden of extra subjects or the subjects which are of no or least use in the professional life of IT Professional.
  • We provide foundation to the students in the principal areas of Information Technology to equip them for future study/research, as well as enable them to take up professional industrial career after graduation.
  • Through this curriculum students will be eligible to compete not only on national but also on international level.