Computer Science Faculty

Objectives of Computer Science Faculty


       I.            Strong problem solving skills grounded in a strong technical background in computer science,

    II.            A broad educational background that enables making interdisciplinary connections and provides a solid foundation for life-long learning.

 III.            Troubleshooting and resolving of computers, routers and switches and presenting appropriate solutions for security problems in network systems of organizations.

IV.            Making familiar to new technological methods to develop new software applications and electronic service delivery systems.

   V.            An awareness and understanding of the professional, technical and ethical issues of the rapidly evolving computing industry and the judgment to apply this understanding, so that they may become leaders and provide a contribution to the greater good, professionally and in their community, via mentoring, or professional involvement.

VI.            Demonstrate proficiency in problem-solving techniques using computer

VII.            Demonstrate comprehension of modern software engineering principles and proficiency in the analysis of complex problems and the synthesis of solutions to those problems

VIII.            Demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in the discipline of computer science

IX.            Think critically and creatively to solve local or global problems and become lifelong learners and contributors to society.

Salam University

Faculty of Computer Science


Strategic Plan (2018-2023)

The Faculty of Computer Science has been engaged in promoting education and research in the fast growing field of software technology to produce computer science specialists to meet the global challenges. The Faculty is also involved in planning and implementing university’s strategic plan and objectives and IT infrastructure establishments and providing academic and industrial exposure through specialist lecturers. Classes for soft skills development are being conducted for overall development of the students. To develop different projects by BCS students to learn latest software technologies.


Our vision is aligned with the vision of the Salam University: To be recognized quality academic and research oriented technological center, In a field that evolves as rapidly as computer science, The Faculty of Computer Science focuses on preparing students for long term learning that enables them to not only understand today's technologies, but also understand how to tackle challenges of the future.


Faculty of Computer Science integrates education and research to create and convey knowledge to develop computer software, train computer programmers, network engineers and Database developers to educate students to be successful, ethical, and effective problem-solvers and life-long learners who will contribute positively to the economic well-being of our region and nation and to develop systems that solve problems of our beloved country in the technological world.

Strategic Objectives for Students

To fulfill this mission, the Computer Science faculty strives for excellence in producing graduates who are well-rounded, grounded individuals with:

1.     Strong problem solving skills grounded in a strong technical background in computer science,

2.     A broad educational background that enables making interdisciplinary connections and provides a solid foundation for life-long learning,

3.     The ability to communicate effectively using both written and oral communication,

4.     The ability to listen and to effectively work together with others individually and in team environments.

5.     Creating knowledge network with international institutions and internal and external university for converging knowledge global technology and using from effective abilities of creating modern to make a bright future to country.

6.     An awareness and understanding of the professional, technical and ethical issues of the rapidly evolving computing industry and the judgment to apply this understanding, so that they may become leaders and provide a contribution to the society, professionally and in their community, via mentoring, writing, speaking, or professional involvement.

7.     Creating academic and scientific environment for exchanging information criticism and useful criticism and acceptable alive and it will be done in citification forces and will be supported student`s journal.


The goals of Computer Science Faculty include the following, and progress has been made on a number of these.

Ø Achieve better communication between faculty and adjuncts.

Ø Initiate more research projects with the current market needs.

Ø Focus on support for two or three research areas.

Ø Assign mentors to new faculty.

Ø Articulate the department's goals and aspirations to the administration.

Ø Make more effort to involve undergraduates in research.

Ø Solicit funding from local industry for inviting speakers to visit the department and to sponsor our students for internship programs.

Ø Consider removing courses with low or waning enrollment.

Ø Have a departmental systems staff to support all machines used for teaching and research.

Ø Hire new faculty for high-performance computing.

Ø Hire more female faculty staff.

Ø Make more scholarships available for students.

Ø Increase faculty staff salaries to keep up with national averages.

Strategic Planning

We seek to improve our ranking and perception as a top Computer Science faculty in Afghanistan, University of Salam and especially Computer Science faculty will target the IT area. Currently, low graduate turnover and limited IT competencies constitute a growth barrier to the society at the same time as computer science as a tool has yet to be systematically integrated into the basic sciences of Salam University. More specifically, the Salam University will establish a range of new combination programs and earmark funds to strengthen research in the field of IT. However, IT must also feature even stronger in all programs at the University, and ensure that students can develop IT competencies as part of their basic training programs (optional courses) rather than after they have completed their studies.

The computer science faculty has recognized the following milestones to achieve its strategic goal:

Tacnical planning

Computer science faculty significantly contributes to the information technology that is now an integral part of society and a central component of many universities program. Society increasingly needs highly educated IT staff – particularly staff capable of combining IT with other skills. At the same time, universities worldwide have experienced a drop in the recruitment of new computer science students, and compared to its size, the  Salam University produces relatively very professional students to the market which is will equipped with the knowledge of new challenges in the field of IT


a.      Improvement of the undergraduate program (revision of the curriculum, with the advances in technology, improving undergraduate research, improving ethics education).

b.     Expansion of distance education, certificate programs, and multidisciplinary degree programs.


c.      The Curriculum is the core requirement of education, especially higher education in modern education culture.  It represents the scheme of learning of different subjects in different areas of the course. It also illustrates the educational level of an institution.

d.     A curriculum has to be devised in a manner so as to make it always updatable and modifiable. This feature formulates its capability to accept any upcoming changes in any area or subject on the basis of academic research and new innovations.

e.      The BS courses of the previous version of the syllabus are not all sufficient, hence leaving some major needs of the education in Computer Science. Few subjects are totally out-dated while other key subjects were still missing.

f.       The new course has been developed keeping in view all the problems and shortcomings of the current syllabus while focusing on some different curriculums taught at different internationally and nationally recognized universities. The curriculum is attempted not to lack behind in any area while comparing it with that of other Institutions and Universities.

Objectives of curriculum

The objectives behind designing new curriculum are:

1.     Devise a syllabus according to the modern trends in Computer Science and its different fields, so students will become beneficial in society after their education.

2.     Design the Courses which increase the interests of the students in their studies.

3.     Remove any burden of extra subjects or the subjects which are of no or least use in the professional life of Computer Science

4.     Make students eligible to compete not only on national but also on international level.


g.     Increase in the number of students for undergraduate programs.

h.     Proactive and aggressive recruitment of high quality graduate students.

i.       Providing internship programs for students who are willing to gain practical experience.

j.       Providing Scholarships for talented and poor students


k.     Increase in research productivity (funded research, publications, and scholarly activities).

l.       Hiring of highly qualified faculty members and Retention of faculty members (reduced teaching load, research infrastructure support).

m.  Development of a new area of excellence in Pervasive Computing.

n.     More focus on publication of articles in the IT field.


o.     Continued building and fostering of strong relationships with industry (improve communication with CS academy members and advisory board; improve student engagement in professional societies).

p.     Improvement of the condition of classrooms, labs, and meeting rooms in the CS Building.

Fund Raising Campaign

q.     New “Pervasive and Mobile Computing Lab.”

r.       “Distinguished Speaker Program”

s.      Computer Science Distance Learning Technology Space

t.       Cisco labs and Innovation lab

u.      New building for the Computer Science Department.

            Many of the aforementioned activities are already in place and some are in progress.