Faculty of Law and Political Science

Faculty of Law and Political Science of Salam University was established in 2011. Currently the Faculty of Law and Political Science has two departments namely Department of Law and Prosecution and Department of Political Science. Both the departments offer 4 year bachelor degree programs in their respective fields. Presently the faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) is the largest faculty of Salam University, having about 1200 students with about hundred lecturers having PhD and Masters.

In the wake of economic and financial problems, people of Afghanistan particularly the younger generation are not in the position to study outside the country, while overall the society is in dire need of educated generation particularly, scholars and cadres in the field of law and politics. Therefore, the faculty of Law and Political Science was established to fulfill the need of the society by providing legal and political education in economic costs.

The faculty of Law and Political Science has the following two departments:

  1. Department of Law and Prosecution
  2. Department of Political Science


  • Preparing individuals committed and dedicated to establish order, security and social justice.
  • Catering competent individuals to bring reforms within the legal and political institutions of the country.
  • Presenting the society with knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the field of law, justice and political sectors.
  • Promoting and carrying out scientific research in the legal and political aspects of the society to identify social ills.
  • Providing legal and policy guidelines to the government and non-government institutions of the country.
  • Strengthening relationship with academic institutions based at home and abroad, through the implementation of joint scientific research, discussion and scientific exchange and sharing of experiences.
  • Developing curriculum which could rise the scientific level of students and put the theory in practice.
  • Providing basis for the students to be able to study further graduate levels inside and facilitating studies outside the country.
  • To raise social, legal and political awareness by enhancing writing and translation skills of the students.
  • Establishing academic departments if deemed necessary like:
    • International Law
    • Common Law
    • Private Law
    • Criminal Law
    • International Relations