Faculty of Sharia and Law

Faculty of Sharia and Law was immediately established after Salam university foundation was laid in 2008. The strongest faculty of Salam University, with 60 percent of the faculty are PhDs. the faculty of Sharia and Law has four departments namely department of Law and Jurisprudence, department of Islamic Studies, Department of Arabic and Department of Islamic Civilization. The faculty offers Masters and Bachelor degrees in the field of law and jurisprudence and Islamic studies and Diploma programs in Arabic and Islamic Civilization. About 1100 students are studying in the faculty making it second largest faculty after Law and Politics.

Students will achieve:

  1. Ability to work in the judiciary and the courts.

  2. Able to offer expert opinion in the field of justice.

  3. The students will be capable of operating in different parts of the judiciary.

  4. Students of Sharia and Law will have the ability to teach both Islamic and International Law and Rights.

  5. The students of this faculty will have command on understanding Arabic language and speak fluently.


  • To provide dedicated and experts in the field of judiciary and legislation.

  • Training academic cadres in various fields of Sharia and Law that could provide legal analysis and expert opinion.

  • Producing skilled teachers, imams and scholars who could spread true understandings of Islam and Islam laws without prejudice.

  • Preparing a team of specialists with the features to innovate, empower and transfer knowledge to other segment of the society.

  • Familiarizing students with various religious views and juridical differences to promote broadmindedness and tolerance among them.

  • Empowering students to be able to legislate through research and judgement.  

Faculty Structure:

The faculty of Sharia and Law has four following departments:

  1. Department of Law and Jurisprudence

  2. Department of Islamic Studies

  3. Department of Arabic

  4. Department of Islamic Civilization