Seminar on Outlier Detection in Data Mining:



Seminar Held by Computer Science Faculty on Outlier Detection in Data Mining at Salam Conference Hall.

This time it was BCS Department who come up with a plausible idea of delivering a conference regarding Outlier Detection in Data Mining

The conference was held on Wednesday, 19th of July 2017; at Salam University Conference hall. The conference was held to boost up students’ knowledge about Outlier Detection in Data Mining.

 The main purpose of organizing such seminars is to facilitate, motivate and support their acquired knowledge. We, Salam University, dedicate our efforts all for our students. The held seminar was very effective and helped students learn much more about the topic.  Meanwhile the participants (students) made some indispensible questions related to the subject and the presenter Lutf-ur-Rahman “ Haqmal”    presented satisfactory answers.

At the end of the questions and answer session students requested the concern department (BCS) to organize much more of these conferences for student’s motivation, which was welcomed by the department.

BCS department is continuously trying to keep its students up to date regarding new technologies innovations and preparing such seminar for boosting up students interest in today’s competitive digital world.