Two Days at Afghanistan Beverage Industries Ltd. Held by Economics Faculty of Salam University

The study tour, arranged by the department of Business Administration (BBA), offered male and female students the possibility to visit Afghanistan Beverage Industries Ltd. (ABI) separately. Afghanistan Beverage Industry is an Afghan based manufacturing industry and sell non-alcoholic beverages (Carbonated Soft Drinks), distributes Afghanistan’s leading bottled water under the “Cristal” brand. ABI’s executive team and ownership have years of bottling and beverage industry experience.

          Before visiting the different areas such as operational areas, quality assurance laboratories and ware-housing, the students had a short discussion with ABI managers at the conference room. Although the discussion was focused on quality assurance and operations management, the students also were briefed about finance, holistic marketing, HRM, training and development and so forth.

It was a great opportunity for the students of faculty of economics, the department of business administration to see, how operations are managed? How quality is controlled, assured and defects are prevented? How employees are treated and trained? How the industry standards and customers’ requirements are met? How competition is faced? How different business areas are figured out? How business organizations strive to reach their ideal state, achieve their mission and meet their quality policy?


  Afghanistan Business Industries Ltd. has recently signed an agreement with PepsiCo, one of the world’s most internationally renowned brand. However, this franchising agreement is signed recently in May 2016, but we are hopeful that it will provide a further boost to the economy of Afghanistan, with additional investment and the creation of a significant number of additional employment opportunities.

Report: Mr. Nasrat Shinwari