The first Batch of Salam University will study at a European University

The first Batch of Salam University will study at a European University:


Four students of Salam University successfully passed a final interview to study for a period of one semester at Polish University (Opole University).

The following four students of Salam University got through a long process and have been selected for studying at a European University located in Poland.

  1. Aminullah AryobeeStudent of Economics faculty
  2. Imranullah GhafoorzaiStudent of Economics faculty
  3. Basharat OmarStudent of Law and Political Science faculty
  4. Attaullah QayoomiStudent of Economics faculty

This selection took place after Salam University has signed a bilateral student and staff exchange program with the above mentioned Polish University.

As the whole process was based on merits, after the contract was signed; Salam University has called upon students of following three departments to register for a written a test:

  1. Faculty of Law and Political Sciences
  2. Faculty of Economics
  3. Faculty of Shariaa and Law

More than 100 male and female students registered for the first test (written) where only 15 students were selected to the interview session. At the interview session the committee has selected 12 out the 15 students for the further sessions of Essay and online interview with Mr. Michal Wanke, PhD, departmental coordinator for the exchange programs Institute of Sociology, University of Opole.

After the tough competition among the students, the committee from both the Universities have selected four eligible students to study at Poland for about one semester (5 months) duration.

It is worth mentioning this contract (of Erasmus) will be valid till year 2019 and according to the contract Salam University will send a number of it’s to the mentioned university till validity of the protocol.

Salam University which is a unique center for quality education and research that enjoys its 8 years of experience, has recently signed a new protocol with a famous Turkish University (cumhuriyet University) which will encourage a large number of students to visit the Cumhuriat Univeristy in mevlana exchange program.