Salam and Opole Universities Exchange Program

Salam University in collaboration with Opole University participated in Erasmus + Staff training Mobility for Academic and Administrative staff.  Based on academic performance and employment experience, Salam University has selected the following candidates for this Mobility/Exchange Program which is planned on August 2018.




Obaidullah Payman

Dean of Faculty of Law and Political Science/Lecturer


Abdullah Sadiq

Dean of Faculty of Economics/Lecturer


Mohammad Tamim Sediqi

Finance Manager/Lecturer



Quality Assurance Manager/Lecture



The expected outcome of the Mobility:

·         Improved competencies, linked to professional profiles.

·         Broader understanding of practices, policies, and systems in education, training or youth across countries.

·         Increased capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernization and international opening within their educational organizations.

·         Greater understanding of interconnections between formal and non-formal education, vocational training and the labor market respectively.

·         Better quality of their work and activities in favor of students, trainees, apprentices, pupils, adult learners, young people and volunteers.

Financial benefits:

·         A contribution towards travel costs; travel grants are paid according to the distance traveled (from the location of the sending organization to that of the receiving organization).

·         A contribution towards subsistence costs, which are calculated on a flat rate basis, depending on the country visited.

·         Supplementary allowances may also be available for staff with special needs.

·         All Erasmus funding is paid prior to the completion of the staff mobility period.